Somewhere between a classic runway, a new, and a younger showdown sits MONLADA’s Pre-Fall 2016 collection.

The elegant and eccentric is celebrated in pre-fall collections with the figure of the “History costume”. This fundamentally contemperary figure is both realistic and romantic, as likely to embrace formal wear as much as work wear, the silluette and the techniccal, with the creativity and practical.

The first inspiration is base on The Phantom of the opera a novel by French writer Gaston Leroux in 1909, to focus on the multifunctional, classy style and hybrid detaling.

The second inspiration MONLADA has created this fall looks with a new and younger energy. With faced graphic printing and felted blocking to create a horizontal and vertical art lines and graphic pattern, simple, effective and extremely wearable from Gaylord Ho the Taiwanese master sculptor and inspired artist, which represent the idea human spirit in all of us as we strive to transcend the daily struggles of life and to become something more spiritually divine.

For the second delivery MONLADA Classic Line 2016 has been modernized into simplified bonded elements, in tones of pastel and nude palettes. The Sunset feel is given a classic accent through styling while a sculpture graphic creates a strong break in the silhouette and merges the fair-isle within a dedicated cut and sew story, key to MONLADA DNA.

MONLADA Classic Line 2016 is now available in online