At present, grief in the hearts of Thais who love and admire the late King Rama IX still remains and yet life must goes on. Recently, Thai fashion brand “Monlada” has created the ‘Billion Hearthz to One Love King Rama 9’ collection, which is represented mainly by black sedate tones and high-quality cut and design, responding to the demand of customers who wish to express their mourning through elegant and classic clothes in a polite color for everyday use.

For the new season of Spring/Summer 2017, Monlada has released a new collection  “New Era Gold.” Khun Duang, Monlada Pongpanit and the designer team were inspired with the belief that “Recently, we have wholeheartedly expressed our mourning for the late King Rama IX. Now that a new season of the new year has arrived, we can open our hearts for the coming of good stories which can be our hope and glory of life. Hence, the new collection brings back a radiance with bright colors to symbolize the beginning of a new reign. The collection represents new life under royal protection.”

The SS 2017 collection or New Era Gold is unique with bright colors. For example the white and beige colors symbolize flawlessness and pureness and the pink and gold color combination implies love and liveliness. The collection is highlighted by the color gold as it represents entering into an auspicious era under the light of hope and vigor.

As for the design, the clothes are full of details. The collection is designed to go in line with the characteristics of the Monlada brand which is – woman in elegant clothes with neat details that enhance her cool character in socializing. The overall appearance is elegant, powerful, but very feminine. The designers pay close attention from fabric selection to the delicate sewing by the great technique and skill of professional dressmakers. As a result, all of Monlada’s clothes are comparable to the Haute Couture level. They look unique with details, like lace on the hem of pants and skirts, the cloth cover of the zipper, the buttonhole, and the inside fringe, which are rare among clothes today.

The materials used in the collection such as silk, satin and Valentino fabric aim to highlight a luxury appearance. The elegance and uniqueness shine through the glittering flakes and the delicate hand-sewing skills. The clothes make its wearer outstanding, especially under the spotlight. The decorative golden snake skin adds exoticness and sexiness. Some clothes give a sweet feminine feeling with moving flounce and French lace. Actually, lace is one of Monlada’s stunning signatures appearing in almost all its collections.

MONLADA NEW ERA GOLD Spring/Summer 2017 is now available in online